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Winter Crumble

21st September 2018

It’s my favourite time of year; when I can start getting away with making minced pies and winter crumbles!

I love to make a super fast apple crumble, usually with apples I’ve pinched from the garden but I also love going out walking to pinch a few from the trees along the road in the countryside. I live in one of those areas where it’s not a uncommon to see someone scrumping on their way home. Scrumping is just a posh name for stealing fruit from the headgerows!

I’ve decided today’s crumble is going to be even more wintery by using nectarines instead.

The Filling

Start by cutting your nectarines into bite-sized slices and drop them into a saucepan; sprinkle with some sugar and turn on a low heat.  If you fancy chucking in some blackberries, they will give your dessert a rich purple-red colour. Grate in some nutmeg and add a sprinkle  in some ground cinnamon, I love adding a little vanilla (i use the liquid) . By now your kitchen will be smelling like one of those winter/Christmas candles.

The topping

My favourite bit, all you need is;

  • 300g/10½oz plain flour
  • 175g/6oz unrefined brown or caster sugar
  • 200g/7oz butter

Chop the butter into cubes if it’s hard or break it up as much as possible if it’s soft. Add the flour to the butter and use your fingers to rub the two ingredients together until they form a crumb. Add the sugar to the mixture and continue to combine until you have a soft fluffy crumb.

Add your soft nectarines and any additional fruit to the bottom of an oven proof dish and then scatter the breadcrumbs over the top. I love a thick top to my crumble so i tend to fill the dish to the top, others like a thin layer with added oats on top for crunch.


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