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Where There’s Progress, There’s Setbacks

22nd August 2019

Week two of the build brings problems; maybe we should have got Kevin McCloud in, it’s not him and the program, it’s just how a building project goes…

This week we’ve not managed to get much further than the concrete pour and digging out the remaining dirt. When our building surveyor came out he asked us why we’re not allowed for 150ml insulation. Our building regs guys who did our plans have listed on them that we only need 100ml, and the building which has just been finished next door also had 100ml, signed off by the same person.

Unfortunately, this means going back to the people who did the building regulations; we’ve now requested their calculations to prove what insulation we require. It’s all fun and games while we wait for this, our building can’t progress. Ideally we’d like to avoid going up to 150ml as this increases the cost, firstly for the insulation which is double the price but secondly, we’d be required to reduce the foundation hight slightly to cater for the extra depth. Which means more time on the diggers and more costs; we’re now seeing why these prices spiral out of control so quickly, unfortunately, we’ve got a rather tight budget.

To add to it we also got a bill from the council for the pleasure of all this; despite having paid for building regulations already, something has gone wrong somewhere and they want us to pay twice but hopefully, the lovely lady I spoke to will sort it out for us.

Either way, I made a quick video of the build so far when ignorance was bliss.

A quick update-after reading my SAP calculation came back Council Guy agreed that we only needed 100mm Celotex and therefore we could continue with the build. 

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