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When It Rains, It Poors

5th July 2019

There is always a win and a loss

Ok, SO, this week has not gone to plan! On Friday last week, Elliot was super excited about the ground floor being put in. I, on the other hand, having seen grand designs, felt a little more pessimistic, that it wouldn’t all go quite as smoothly.

It started with Elliot noticing on foundation drawings there were some concrete blocks on top of what’s called the ‘block and beam’ foundations (essentially a floating floor). So although we thought we were ready for the soleplate; after a chat with the builders, who were off on another job we realised they needed to come back quickly and fit the concrete blocks. With that all sorted 2 days later we were ready for the frame!

The Frame

So the guys turn up on-site to start putting what’s called the soleplate down; this is essentially planks of wood forced to the concrete blocks attached to the foundation beams.

We had a laugh and a joke and the timber frame guys say to us ‘ this is where it all goes horribly wrong and you’re foundations are too big’ we all had a giggle and went out to measure it. The guy with the tape measure starts to look concerned and at that moment I realised our laugh and joke is actually reality. Only its not too big, it’s too small…

Normally this wouldn’t be a huge issue for the builders as the frame at this point isn’t usually built. However, our frame was pre-built due to production slots etc and the builders were told to build it to the exact plans. With the frame already made, there was no room for error.

With a few days of grumpy Elliot and an even grumpier builder, we’re now back on track for putting up the frame!

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