The House Build

What a difference a week makes!

11th September 2019

This week we took some time off from the build while we exhibited at Salon Privé for work. The time away from the build was really beneficial, it helped us to re-evaluate our situation but also for it to progress a little while we’re away.

The unlimited champagne and lobster, afternoon tea and cakes had nothing to do with starting to feel a little more positive…

Kind People

Since we found out the news Ridge Joinery had gone into liquidation his employees got in touch offering to help finish the job; this is great news as we weren’t really sure how things would progress without them. While our builders are fully capable they also have a full schedule working on multiple projects at once, so with the boys on-site, it’s helped get it done without our main builder having to juggle multiple jobs.

The guys walked out on the last day but thankfully took the plans for our house with them. They hadn’t been paid in 6 weeks so it’s win-win, they earn enough to keep living and our house gets finished. The guys also seem to have a passion for the build itself, they know how we’ve been burnt and they are determined to see it through, we couldn’t ask for more.

A long weekend working

We arrived home about 8 pm on Sunday night and thankfully we spotted that we now, finally have the back of the house! The boys have worked really hard, they’ve got the back of the second floor built and finished adding the lintels above all of the windows to strengthen the building for the roof.

A new week brings a roof!!!!

I want to shout it quite literally from the rooftop(s), we finally have a roof today; the crane arrived at about 8 am and with the builders and the ex-Ridge Joinery employees and after a long day and lots of hard work from the boys, we finally have the roof on. That makes it sound simple but they worked so hard today to get it done all in one day meaning we only had the crane charge for one day.

Although we had to pay twice for the roof trusses due to Ridge, it’s great to finally see them up on the top of the building where they are supposed to be.

While there’s LOADS of work left it has finally taken shape and is starting to really look like a house. We’ve got a huge loft space for storage too!

It’s felt much colder this week so it’s such a relief to know that the roof will be going on in the next few weeks and we’ll soon be watertight for winter!

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