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Welcome To The Burrow Build

29th April 2019

So, as many people know (I’ve pretty much told everybody I know) we’re building a house! While we took the decision not to tell Kevin McCloud, because let’s face it something always goes wrong on Grand Designs, we did want to document the process and our progress. This also saves me boring everybody with WhatsApps every day!

After two days of digging I realised I had probably already exhausted and bored half of my Facebook friends, so decided to contain my excitement to a website which nobody has to read unless they want to. Because, let’s be honest, I was super excited about the concrete being poured into the foundations today… literally like watching cement dry!

So, we are on day three of the build, the foundations have been dug and filled, it took 4 loads from the cement mixer and one more tomorrow morning. Part of me is hoping that some of the wildlife leave their prints in it tonight, I’d love to see some rabbit prints or deer hoofs hidden beneath the floors. It would be kind of poetic with the countryside surroundings.

Tomorrow we’ll have the final poor to fill the last part of the garage foundation and then the bricklayer can start with that part before the block and beam (the floor) goes in.

Believe it or not (considering we had hoped to start in October, but as with grand designs something always goes wrong) we’re actually ahead of schedule as we didn’t expect to start until 1st of May so it’s really exciting to be heading in the right direction already!

I’ll upload a video shortly of the moments the cement went in!

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