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27th August 2019

So, I’ve definitely been laughed at this week; all of the builders find it funny I’ve made a veg patch in the middle of the building site.

After spending about 3 weekends weeding the bank of earth which was created when the driveway was made I decided that it’s a great place for a veg patch. The soil is loose and soft, its raised off the ground and it’s pretty much-got sunshine from about 9:30. However, I swiftly realised the summer growing season is over and I had very little opportunity to grow any summer veg!

I’m pretty determined to reduce the amount of plastic waste I produce and I love the idea of being able to grow my own food from the garden.  When I go shopping I refuse to buy things in plastic where possible. If it needs weighing and a sticker, I’ll slap the sticker on the outside of it, but it would be even better if I could just pluck it straight from the garden (aka building site) and ensure its all organic.

So off I went to Homebase to look for seeds which could be planted from august and be ready in time for Christmas. What I found was cauliflower, cabbages, carrots and potatoes; all of which I hope will arrive in time for a feast. I also added lettuces in the hope I’ll get a few before winter falls.

Planting my seeds

It turns out the apple really doesn’t fall far from the tree because I took to my dads gardening technique; it seems to have worked for him this summer as he has loads of produce, minus the planter full of cucumbers because the cat thought it was her litter tray! Dads technique is pretty much throwing all the seeds in and hope that just one of them will grow; so I did that, and over the last few days, I’ve noticed some starting to grow in my veg patch.

I’ve either got very well lined up weeds or some little (i can’t remember what was planted where) lettuces, or cabbages are starting to peek through!

Waiting for fruit I didn’t know I’d planted…

While weeding I noticed there was a weed with little flowers on which was quite soft; all the other weeds have been vicious and spikey. After looking at it I remembered during the early summer I had scraped all my melon seeds into a pot and put them outside in the bank. I thought it would be nice to give the wildlife and it stopped the fruit flies in my office. After a quick google, it turns out I had somehow managed to grow a melon vine/plant! Turns out we either get a lot of rain, or they don’t need much watering!

Since my melon descovery I’ve been googling how to grow melons; turns out you have to pollinate them, and you have to know what a male and female flower look like. So far a bumblebee looks like it’s done the job for me as I have what is supposedly a tiny tiny melon. Fingers crossed it keeps growing and winter doesn’t set in too early!

It’s only the start for my veg growing but I’m excited; if any of this crop actually grow I will be ecstatic! I’ve already been picking the blackberries from the back of the garden for breakfast each day!


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