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24th August 2019

I’ve always written my blogs during the week; so apologies this one is after a bottle of wine (a friends bubbly gifted after their wedding) and several beers after working in the garden so it’s rather more soppy than the business as usual style of the last few.

Things may not go to plan, things may not run smoothly but it’s lovely to get a little tipsy and remember through the stress how grateful we are!

I’ll share one of the little secrets of the house; Elliot and I have designed it in a way that we felt looked like a modern version of his grandma and grandads house, (which the land originally belonged to before we purchased it off his dad).

This week I wrote on the wood above the front door all the names of the people the house is dedicated to; from grandparents who left an amount of money or people like mum and dad who not only support us in this but helped financially through uni and most importantly, letting us live with them for WAY longer than they ever expected when they gave birth to us!

We want the front door, the part where everybody enters, to hold that secret message of all those from the past who were never about to enter but contributed in a way they could never have imagined, and those who made it possible and we’re eternally grateful to. We want them to have their names for ever above the front door. We for anybody who walks through there to be welcomed by them as they made it happen in so many ways…

To us it’s a home for everybody; friends, family and loved ones. This weekdend was one of the first we started to invite those closest to us to visit.

A friend, Nick, who I’ve known for many years and his new wife came to see us Friday, Brad from work stopped by for a beer and then today mum dad Nick and Jenn came up for a drink.

It’s lovely to have everybody there, it’s nice to know they can swing by and hopefully it’s a chilled and relaxed atmosphere when it’s finished.

So i’ll leave you with a few photos of the BBQ Elliot and I had as the sun set over the bank holiday. Also the corn on the cob dad and I grew at home and if tasted amazing!

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