The House Build

Time to reflect…

13th September 2019

Up until this point, I’ve thought the house was reasonably sized, maybe even small in some rooms. But when the roof went on top, I’ve realised just how much cleaning I’ve got to do!

One day he’ll get his comeuppance

A phonecall with the liquidators didn’t go well this week as they say there’s no money to share out to those owed; so we’re pretty much never seeing what we lost again. Something that makes it even worse is a phone call with the company who supplied the trusses revealed he’s just requested a new quote from them for trusses on a new build which has just received planning permission…

I didn’t want to admit it to Elliot when he asked me the week “do you regret doing this?” I said to him, no, but really I had a mixture of emotions. There was regret, but not for starting the house build; more for having trust in someone we shouldn’t have trusted. I was disheartened and seeing the unfinished parts that had been promised me quite bitter about it all. Something I never thought I’d feel towards the house, the place where we can’t wait to spend our lives. That feeling has now passed as the guys finishing of those bits has made a huge difference.

I think i feel quite a bit of joy and contentment when I stand in the loft and look out across the fields.

This week has been a whole new rollercoaster of emotions; first and foremost, fear of losing control over the finances but knowing we have to do what needs to be done to get it finished. Secondly is sheer joy at some of the decisions we’ve made, the roof space is incredible, the way it’s been designed gives us huge potential for the future should we ever need it, but also plenty of storage space.

The veg garden

It sounds crazy but one of the things that have kept me quite tranquil throughout the last few weeks has been my veg garden; while I’ve been great at growing weeds, I’ve also got some potatoes, lettuces and even some cabbage seedlings!

I guess there’s nothing quite like mother nature to help you feel more tranquil and a sense of achievement. I’ve planted 60 Daffodils and 40 Alliums ready for next spring…We’re hoping that by the time they begin to flower, we’ll be moving into our new, and hopefully finished home.

Here are a few moments over the last week to look back on; oh and Geoffrey Parker won Retailer Of The Year at the Uttlesford business awards last night! So a pretty positive week!

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