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Things Can Only Get Better?

16th July 2019

Well, nobodies died yet!

This last week, I think has pretty much-driven Elliot to insanity. I’ll start at the beginning of the week when things really started to go wrong; with my last post, I mentioned the building being 130mm too small on some walls and 50ml on others. While this doesn’t seem like a lot, it has a huge impact on rooms like the dressing room, where we’ve got wardrobes either side of a door. With the room shrinking in size, we can’t then fit them in the way we planned.

The builders sorted this over a few days cutting out blocks and re-cementing them in the right place. With that fixed; our architect/timber frame guy came to measure again and make sure it’s all perfect ready to add the sole plate. As he jumps out the car and speaks to Elliot he’s not looking very well, he mentions he might be coming down with something but hopes it’s a 24h bug. Elliot noticed he’d been in an airconditioned car but was sweating like it was 50 degrees out.

With the frame confirmed as the right size, we were happy that everything would be going ahead on Monday…

Monday rolls round we received a phone call from the builder; the timber frame guy was taken into hospital on Friday night with sepsis…! Now this puts us in the mind set of hoping he’s ok, sepsis is bad but he’s in the right place; but also in suspense, what happens next?!

After a week he was released from hospital, a few stone lighter and full of antibiotics, and surprisingly back on site! He organises for one of his guys to fit the soleplate and we’re ready to start moving!

It Comes In Threes

With soleplate down we’re feeling confident there will be no more holdups. But, with or without Kevin McCloud, we hit another snag; the joiner who puts the building together jumps down off a beam and snaps his ankle.

He’s out of work for 6 weeks minimum and into a cast courtesy of the NHS.

Clearing The Mind…

Most evenings Elliot and I take a bike ride around the 5 miles abandoned airfield down the road; the country lanes and the fields and views work wonders for clearing the mind. Elliots become increasingly impatient and wants to see the frame go up quickly but I’ve been writing these posts to keep my mind focused on how quickly it is actually moving. I mentioned to him our start date was only the 1st of May; because we see the house (or lack of) every day, it’s hard to remember we’re already quite far for 2 months.

In reality, it’s been a very long process; we started drawing the house out in October 2017, receiving our initial planning permission in September 2018 buying the land in December 2018 and receiving the re-submitted planning permission in Feb 2019.

Between Feb 2019 we had the whole process of securing the mortgage and receiving title on the land; these things, despite being expedited by our solicitor took 6-8 weeks and before we knew it we were in April. We then prepped for the building work organising insurance, building regulations, wills and our personal life insurance to cover the build.

So while the house hasn’t changed much; here’s a video of the updates so far!

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