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18th June 2019

It’s funny; the house doesn’t feel like it’s progressed much in the last two months but when I look back on photos now, I realise how much it’s changed.

It started off as a field and after a few days digging we had foundations and then we were advised to put in a driveway; so with a few more days digging our driveway began to look… well like rubble! We had faith in the guys doing it though, such skill using the digger their plan would eventually take shape. A few days later they managed to get hold of some chip and tar for us and so our driveway was almost done.

Looking back it makes perfect sense and it does look more like a house or building site than it did. Prior to the driveway going in it did just look like some concrete lines in a field.

Since the driveway has gone in they also erected two (what look like goal posts) steel post; they are designed to give support to the building around the bifold doors. We’ve then got brickwork going in up to the block and beam which will be the base of the ground floor. I’ve learnt so much!

So, hopefully, next week we’ll be ready for the ground floor to come in, while it doesn’t look like much has happened day today,  it’s really nice to see the change when looking back at photos.

Every weekend Elliot and I have off we sit back and realise how much we’ve learnt and how much we’ve prepared for this build. We try to keep up with every requirement from us and run with it as much as we can. From choosing the kitchen and bathroom designs to ensure we’ve got the drains in the right place to ensure we know how thick the flooring in the downstairs will be. All of these things have a knock on affect. For example knowing the depth of the floor will change how high the window ledges will fall and how we get a kitchen worktop under them. It all makes a difference to the builders so small decisions to us like having a kitchen island has to be chosen now, so the drains can be put in the right place.

I think I worry about it all a lot more than Elliot; I wake up thinking about what shade the mortar should be between the bricks or if the windows have been chosen in the right colour. I feel like I went from teenage living working out which cocktail I like most and where to go on holiday to choosing bricks and planning life insurance!

It feels like a long way off but I suspect as soon as the building of the walls starts to take shape it will all suddenly feel a lot more real.


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