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Skinade Month 2

4th July 2017

It’s been over a month and a half since I first started taking Skinade. I didn’t want to continue posting every few days as I was feeling so great it was pretty much me shouting about how amazing I felt each day!

I’ve continued to take skinade every single day since my 30-day trial and I’m still feeling amazing, my skin is healthy and my energy is still great.

Things I’ve noticed

I start feeling a bit ‘meh’ if I don’t have my Skinade. I’ve noticed it’s almost like being Hangry (hungry/angry). I don’t know if it’s because it encourages me to drink more water and look after myself better but I always know when I’ve not had my Skinade first thing in the morning because I just feel a little under the weather. Not sad, not angry or grumpy but just not on top of the world like I feel most days.

I think it’s possible because it helps me feel so healthy and energetic that without it I fee what I had been feeling for months and years before. It could be entirely in my head though and generally, if I’ve forgotten or not taken it I haven’t eaten or had a drink either which could be a contributing factor!


I never used to leave the house without makeup, I never liked the uneven tones of my face or the freckles I’ve been blessed/cursed with! I’ve always blamed the freckles but when I look at my face without makeup now the freckles are still there but my skin has a more even glow to it. Something I actually prefer to when I wear makeup now.

Skin Colour

I have a totally natural skin colour now. Although it’s summer and the sun has been blessing us all this year I’ve managed to get an all round skin colour. By that I mean, I don’t have a bikini line, not from the lack of trying! My skin seems to have a healthy colour, all over which is great as I’d started to look very ghostly over the last few years.

Overall I’m really pleased I’ve continued to take Skinade every day and will continue to do so. Over the next few months, i’ll continue to update how I’m feeling, how my skin looks and how it’s affecting my everyday life.

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