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Skinade days 3-8

19th May 2017

Skinade days 3-8

So days 3-8 have ended up as grouped blogs because I might have skipped off to Florence for a few days in the sun! I’ve put this down to ‘research’ as travelling usually really unsettles my tummy in relations to my Crohn’s/Ulcerative Colitis and leaves me sick for a fair few days or even months!

How I feel a week in

I actually feel incredible, my skin is really clear! Unfortunately, I forgot to pack face wash to take with me on holiday and ended up committing the mother of all sins and used soap from the hotel to take my makeup off. I’ve been kindly rewarded with blemishes since my return and won’t be forgetting face wash/cleanser again!

I have noticed an incredible increase in my energy levels! Before my trip to Florence, I’d started going to the gym slightly more, something I never had the energy for. While we were away Florence we walked around 15,000 steps per day, although I was tired I didn’t feel exhausted. Even on our return I went straight to the gym and ran for longer than I have in the last two years, something I really didn’t expect!

Here’s my week 1 photo Comparison

Left is now, Right is day 1 (I had eye makeup on Day 1)



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