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Royalty to Reality

29th September 2019

This week HRH visited the house! Well, she didn’t she visited Geoffrey Parker but she was also interested in the house. It’s hard to miss to be honest, it’s currently bright blue where it’s been wrapped in a waterproof membrane!

The royal visit

Although it was an enormous amount of work to get everything ready for the visit I have to say it was a wonderful day. HRH was lovely, so down to earth and genuinely interested in all that’s going on at GP. The guys in the workshop gave her demonstrations of each element of a backgammon board, she toured the workshops and showroom before unveiling a plaque stating she opened the new workshop.

After she left I rushed to the PC to get the photos and story out to the local papers. After the crazy rush to get those out it was swiftly back to reality. The house!

Painting in the dark

Most people probably haven’t noticed the seasons change as quickly as we did on Tuesday night! We started painting the soffits and facias about 5pm, because it was raining we took them into the house. Unfortunately, without a roof, we’re not exactly water tight; so the water started dripping through the roof, bedrooms and down to the ground floor as we painted.

By 6pm it was dark and we were painting by touch light! We had to get them finished and painted as the builders needed them on the roof by Thursday/Friday ready for the roofer to come on Monday!

There’s nothing like a bit of pressure to get the job done, but after a few hours working by iPhone torch light we were done. The drips had got worse and the paint was pretty much running off as it was still wet.

At 8am the next morning before work we were back painting; fortunately Elliot had the bright idea that now the royal visit was over we could use the newly plastered and water tight workshop to paint in! I mean it’s not bad, painting in a room with painty/ripped jeans on where royalty stood just a day before! Life is a little funny at times!

Once in the dry building we got all the boards painted, the guys got them on the building so we can paint them grey next week to match the windows!

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