• The House Build

    What a difference a week makes!

    This week we took some time off from the build while we exhibited at Salon Privé for work. The time away from the build was really beneficial, it helped us to re-evaluate our situation…

    11th September 2019
  • The House Build

    It got worse…

    Ok so things haven’t been going well over the last week but I didn’t want to kick a man while he was down (our timber frame supplier) and write a blog about it because…

    9th September 2019
  • Country Living

    Veg Garden

    So, I’ve definitely been laughed at this week; all of the builders find it funny I’ve made a veg patch in the middle of the building site. After spending about 3 weekends weeding the…

    27th August 2019
  • The House Build

    Time To Reflect

    I’ve always written my blogs during the week; so apologies this one is after a bottle of wine (a friends bubbly gifted after their wedding) and several beers after working in the garden so…

    24th August 2019
  • The House Build

    A Stressful Few Weeks

    Now, I feel like I need to put a caveat on this blog before I even start writing it; we’re lucky, actually we’re beyond lucky. The location in which we’re getting to build… I…

    20th August 2019
  • The House Build

    Get the Ground Floor In!

    It’s finally happened, the ground floor is in! This week has been the most exciting week so far; the ground floor walls have finally gone up after 3 weeks of being sat on the…

    26th July 2019
  • The House Build

    Things Can Only Get Better?

    Well, nobodies died yet! This last week, I think has pretty much-driven Elliot to insanity. I’ll start at the beginning of the week when things really started to go wrong; with my last post,…

    16th July 2019