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Lockdown House Update

26th May 2020

April came and went and before we know it so has May!

We’ve now managed to finish painting all the rooms on the inside of the house! I have to say they are all various shades of cream grey and white but I really like them!

It’s amazing really because without covid we wouldn’t have got the house painted in the way that we have, it would have taken every weekend for at least a year. We had been painting since March, pretty much every day which has been exhausting. So god knows how long it would have taken if we had only been able to paint on weekends.

It’s taking shape

Now the painting has been done, it’s really starting to take shape, the rooms are looking like actual rooms which is lovely. Upstairs feels more like a home, where as downstairs looks much more like a building site!

We’ve slept at the house a couple of times during isolation. Where we’ve been in lock down it felt nice to sleep somewhere different. It’s been like a little sanctuary of sanity which is nice but it’s slowly getting to the stage where we’d just love to be moving in.

Lock down has also given us plenty of time to reflect on how the project has gone and how we’ve coped. At the end we’ve decided to list out all the things we’ve learnt so others who may stumble upon this blog can use if they choose to build.

We’ve said time and time again to each other how we’ve loved building and hated it at the same time, we’ve struggled with small things and thrived with others but there’s something really lovely about knowing you’ve chosen every element of your home!

I just hope in the next few months I’m writing a blog to say that lock down is over, life’s returned to somewhat normal and we’ve started moving in!

The garden

Until then, I’ll keep tending to the vegetables, I’ve planted so much food because I didn’t think half of it will grow and now we’re quite over run!

However, yesterday we arrived at the house and I spotted that my passion fruit has opened its first flower! I couldn’t have been more excited!

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