To Lash, Or Not To Lash

27th February 2018

Over the last 8 months or so I’ve been utterly obsessed with eyelash extensions. Since having them my daily routine has been cut in half; I’ve also always been lazy when it comes to removing eye makeup, waking up like a panda in the morning.

Pro’s and Conns of Lashes

Although I’ve fallen in love with lashes, I’ve read so much online about the damage they can do, how you end up with no lashes etc. However, I’ve done some investigation into this…Don’t believe everything you read.


  • No need for mascara
  • You look less tired
  • Less damage wiping and pulling your eye with makeup
  • Amazing lashes
  • Compliments on your eyes/lashes
  • Natural looking


  • They are a cost, depending on your lash tech depends how much you pay
  • If you don’t get a good, well-trained lash tech it can damage¬†your lashes
  • You naturally shed eyelashes, so you’re always replacing them
  • You have to ensure your makeup remover is oil free

Myths, So Many Myths

Eyelash extensions have such a bad reputation, people say they are addictive (which they are), that they damage your lashes (which they don’t) and that they look tacky.

So my aim is to bust some myths, I’m always so cautious when I’m using new products, especially on my face. Eyelash extensions don’t damage your eyelashes if they are applied properly, by a trained lash technician. The ability to qualify and get a certificate is a cheap and simple process but a highly trained lash tech will analyse your lashes, check how strong they are and only apply lashes to those that can handle a little extra weight.

A good lash tech will also ensure they aren’t overloading your lashes; we naturally shed our¬†eyelashes in the same way we do hair on our head. Applying a synthetic mink hair lash which is too heavy can cause early sheading, leaving a gap until your new lash comes in. So, a properly trained technician will only apply lashes of the correct weight ensuring there’s no damage done.

Lash extensions CAN look tacky, but only if you want them to. If you’re requesting thicker, longer lashes it’s likely you’ll look trashy and do potentially lasting damage.

Trusting your lash tech is vital, if they tell you your natural lashes cant handle a heavy false lash, they know best and are trying to ensure you’re not doing damage.

Are Lash Extensions Addictive?

Yes, lashes are very addictive! It’s strange, I would probably say that this is one of the best and worst addictions; it hurts nobody but costs a fortune! This week I had all my lashes off, it felt horrid; I looked in a mirror and thought my lashes were damaged and half the size they should be.

After a few days and putting my mascara back on, as I would prior to lashing, I realised I’d just got so used to having long, full lashes. My natural ones were actually very healthy; when I compared a photo, they weren’t any different to before lashing.



Here’s a little flutter of mine after they were first done by my amazing lash tech.

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