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9th September 2019

Ok so things haven’t been going well over the last week but I didn’t want to kick a man while he was down (our timber frame supplier) and write a blog about it because he’s local… But in all honesty, he’s totally screwed us over and lied so many times I have no issues with finally writing this post.

About 6 weeks ago our timber frame guy started giving us the run-around, our frame would be due to go up one day and then they wouldn’t turn up the next. White lies stating his team of craftsmen who put it up were off sick, a car broken down etc etc. It transpires none of these were true… While we were suspicious of him there was very little we could do, our house was quite literally in his hands.

We decided to go with the approach of being really nagging and annoying as being polite and understanding was getting us nowhere. Slowly but surely we were getting there, we knew his cash flow wasn’t, great but we had terms. 50% up front 30% on delivery and the final 20% on erection of the building.

So when the frame was delivered that was great, he asked for £14,000 for the delivery and some towards the web joists and roof trusses. Well, this should have been a red flag because the roof trusses should have already been included in the delivery. Weeks went by phoning him about 3 times a day starting at about 8 am trying to get him to site and trying to get the roof delivered as he’d told us it was paid for and ordered but to no avail…

Chasing is all we can do

A few weeks of chasing he visits and tells us he’s been advised to close the company but he’d let us know before he does it. After this we desperately keep pushing for the frame to go up, as it’s the only thing we can do.

Last week the frame started going up to the second level; however, despite having paid for delivery they were 7 panels short! We were told they will be made that week. But yesterday we were informed the company had now been liquidated, without warning and later we found out he’d prioritised other brand new jobs that week over ours.

This has left us so angry, he never paid for the trusses and so we’ve been left with that bill (which we already paid to him once) and the rest of the walls which we had also paid for to be made.

To add salt to the wounds

He actually rang the company supplying the trusses and asked them to bill us for them all! Leaving us with a second bill for those; thankfully the truss company were understanding and they are (like us) in the queue with the liquidators. We did have to purchase the roof trusses though, again something which had been paid for and had supposed to be ordered months ago.

Live and Learn

There’s not much we can do about any of it in, we’re in so deep now we have to just suck up the loss and try to find a way to move on with it. It’s a huge blow, especially with how tight our budget is.

The only thing I hope is that what goes around comes around. He’s lied to us on so many occasions and given lies and excuses which weren’t necessary. Had he been upfront, and honest with us we’d feel far less hurt and bitter about the situation.

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