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Get the Ground Floor In!

26th July 2019

It’s finally happened, the ground floor is in!

This week has been the most exciting week so far; the ground floor walls have finally gone up after 3 weeks of being sat on the driveway. The 1st floor is due to be put in next week; after that, the roof trusses will be delivered and put up ready for the roofer to begin being tiled in the next few weeks.

It’s super exciting to know how quickly things will start to move, how the house we’ve been thinking about for the last 18 months will soon be more than a drawing. We will be able to climb the ladders and scaffolding and walk around the new building.

At the moment it feels like it’s not ours. It’s really strange, you start to see this building take shape; the rooms and their sizes but I still find it hard to imagine it in 9 months when it’s finished with sofas and all the things that make it homely.

There are lots of small purchases we’ve made this month but to us, they feel really big and are part of the process of establishing our home. The first purchase was the signpost to go on the outside of the gates; we chose a beautiful oak sign and we can’t wait until it’s delivered. The other was the post box, personalised with The Burrow on it so our post doesn’t get mixed up with works. And finally the best purchase of them all, a cat flap, ready to go into the new side door. We ordered this ready so we can take it to the company making our doors and have it pre-installed. It’ really strange that something as simple as a cat flap is getting me excited; I can’t wait for the day I get to introduce her to the house!

I’ve taken quite a few photos and videos of the frame going up so I’ll upload these. Unfortunately, we’re due to be away on business when the 1st floor is erected so I doubt I’ll get any photos of this going up.

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