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Fresh Pesto Pasta, from scratch

5th October 2016

Fresh Pesto Pasta.

With winter closing in and the TV inundated with cookery programs like GBBO and how it’s made, I’ve got my baking hat on and decided to eat as much fresh, homemade produce as possible.

Often I find some of the most common foods are really simple to make and best of all actually quite cheap! A lot of food originated in cultures from the need to make a little go a long way and so things like pizza, pasta, stews and broths were born.

One of my favourite homemade meals lately is fresh pesto pasta.

All you have to remember is 1 egg and 100g of flour per person eating.

Don’t get carried away, when combined to make a dough it doesn’t look like a lot of food; once you’ve split it up into several balls and began rolling it in your pasta roller you will soon see the strands of spaghetti or tagliatelli build up.

Pesto is one of the easiest toppings you can make for pasta, luckily I’m from a little market town where you can grab some amazing types of fresh pesto but if you can’t its so easy to make from scratch.


All you need is:

Handful of Fresh basil (grow it on your window ledge)
Another handful Parmasanne (grated)
Olive oil (go for a good quality oil, there’s nothing wrong with a good slug of fresh olive oil, look at the Italian elderly)
Handful of Pine Nuts
3 Garlic Cloves

Smash them all together (or use a blender if it’s easier) until you have a bright green slightly lumpy mixture, add the olive oil last, pesto is something that’s really personal, if you love garlic, throw an extra clove in, if you prefer it smoother blend it more.

When it’s ready, chuck your pasta in a salted boiling pan of water, it won’t take half as long as your usual dried pasta. Taste it after maybe 1-2 minutes and if ready strain and put back in the pan. Tip the pesto over the top and get ready to enjoy.

You will notice that your pasta has a much more intense flavour and your pesto tastes much fresher. Although it takes a little more effort than going to the supermarket, with the flavour you get I’d say it’s well worth it!

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