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February Update

2nd April 2020

Wow, this month has felt like a complete whirlwind; I’m writing this in March so I’m trying to take things slowly without rushing into the whirlwind of life as it is now.


January flew by; we had to make snap decisions on elements we weren’t prepared for. Little did we know when we started building bathrooms etc, that a lot of the bathroom goes behind a wall. For example shower taps, wall mounted bath taps ect all sit behind the plasterboard which means they all needed choosing and deciding on in January.  We also had to organise things like the trays which sit within the floor for the wetroom and the bath.

As someone who’s quite indecisive, I found this a lot of pressure. What if I chose something that didn’t work well, or didn’t look right with all the other pieces I’d chosen… But there wasn’t much time to choose so I just took the advice given and went with what I could. Our friendly neighbourhood plumber has been amazing throughout the process, helping us when it comes to good brands, layouts and other elements; without him, we’d have been so overwhelmed.

Toward the end of January, the plasters began rendering the external of the house, something we had been told couldn’t happen when the weather was cold or frosty. The plasterers worked so incredibly hard to get it done during the weeks we had milder weather (mild being 4 or 5 degrees).


February started well, with more mild weather on its the way we were able to get the whole house rendered during February the poor guys doing it were arriving at 6 am and plastering until 9pm every day to get it done while the weather was ok. The day after the plasterers completed the external rendar the scafolders were booked to remove the scfolding. That moring it chucked it down with snow, the guys taking it down were having snow ball fights and enjoying our first cold weather of the winter.

While the plasterers worked on the outside, the plumbers, electrisians and the guys installing the staircase all worked on the inside. It felt like our busiest month.

Shortly after the scafolding came down we were able to have installed our long-awaited bi-folds. They were quickly fitted in the living room and kitchen. Wow were they worth the wait!

In mid-February, the bifold were fitted and the plumbing was well underway, the copper piping covered the ceilings and the bathrooms began to look like actual bathrooms.

We also had our plant room built, this will be what holds all our boiler and air source stuff. It will be the heat source for the house and where all the electrics and services come into the property. We also had our septic tank installed, and a rainwater harvester, which collects all the water from the gutters and stores it for watering the garden. It turns out we’re pretty eco!


As March rolled in we were pleased to see spring on its way, although we were graced with a few flurries of snow and cold weather.  Our friendly neighbourhood plumber completed his part of 1st fix and the builders had almost finised plaster-boarding the walls and lining the ones where there will be cupboards with wood. We now began to feel like we had an actual home forming. 

We had started to think about what could go wrong, we’re on the home stretch…

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