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18th October 2016

With the recent Brexit vote who knows how the Christmas markets will look in 2017; why not take advantage of cheap flights and head to one this winter?

For the first time in many years, it feels like a traditional autumn has arrived; dry, crisp and sunny days followed by cold dark evenings. It’s about the right time of year to plan a weekend at a Christmas Market.

I’m one of those people who love to get into the festivities early. Once bonfire night has passed I like to dive straight into Christmas with markets, decorations and a bottle of wine by the fire.

Cheap air travel means there are no excuses for missing out on some great Christmas markets this year. With Ryan air flights at £9.99 each way it actually works out cheaper than an hours train ride! If flying isn’t your thing then we’ve also included some of the best UK Christmas markets as well, you will find much European craftsmen/women take the time to visit some of the beautiful English towns to sell their work.

Lincoln Christmas Market

This is a Christmas market close to my heart; having studied at Lincoln University I’ve visited this market a number of times and it’s still one of my favourites. Set in the grounds of both the castle and the cathedral it’s majestic with a truly festive feel. Like may European Christmas markets it’s packed full of stalls from all around Europe; from a British Lincolnshire hog roast to traditional German Lebkuchen biscuits,  you will be spoilt for choice.

The markets not just about food, though, there’s plenty of hands made products which make fantastic one-off gifts for Christmas. This year there will be over 280 stalls at the market which is on from 1st – 4th of December.

Munich Christmas Market

I visited this Christmas market many years ago with some family friends; visiting it with a german guide made for a really different experience as they wanted to share all the traditional foods. From giant pretzels (which I’m still addicted to) to traditional bavarian biscuits (zimtsterne). You can probably gather I worked my way around the markets via the food stalls.

The market is a huge part of German tradition and is said to date back to the 14th century; this year it will be taking place from the 25th November – 24th December.

Strasbourg Christmas Market

Officially one of the oldest Christmas markets in Europe, Christkindelsmärik was first held in 1570. It’s got a staggering 300 stalls and is spread right across the entire city centre, featured 12 stunning locations. (It’s not for the faint hearted so take your walking boots).
The Christmas market stools aren’t the only thing making Strasbourg market feel festive, it also features 4 concerts and a nativity scene. I’d be surprised if you didn’t come home singing festive carols and bags full of goodies.

You can get into the festive spirit in Strasbourg from the 25th November – 31st December

Salzburg Christmas Market

Not to get the two confused Salzberg is in Austria.

My birthday falls within the Christmas market season, so this  year, thanks to my boyfriend we’re taking a trip to Strasbourg Christmas market.
A blog will be sure to follow with treats, pictures and plenty of festive feeling but for now, here’s a list of the things I’ve got to look forward to:

Salzburg Christmas market, like many of the German and Austrian markets, started as early as the 15th century; this one imparticular is situated at the foot of the Hohensalzburg fortress and around the cathedral. This year it starts on the 17th of November and runs right up to the 24th of December.

It is one of the smaller markets with 95 exhibitors that are conveniently divided into sections including decorations, food, textiles, toys, sweets and jewellery.

Christmas Market

Vienna Christmas Market

A beautiful city any time of the year; Vienna makes for a picture perfect Christmas market. The world famous aromas of Christmas bakery fill the air before you even reach the square. The market, known as ‘Vienna’s Magic of Advent’ transforms the City Hall SUpquare into a festive gathering.

Like many Christmas markets, it features stalls of food, decorations, sweet treats and crafts alongside fairground rides for the children.

The market is one of the earliest markets starting on the 13th November and runs right through until the 23rd of December.



Don’t forget to book flights early, it can make it much cheaper and often you can return on the same day, saving you a hotel!


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