A cheeky trip to Monaco

16th August 2016

It’s not often you manage to sneak a trip to one of the most expensive destinations in the world for a few hundred pounds but occasionally the stars align and you hit a small win!

It looked like this summer my partner and I were destined to stay at home, we kept looking at flights and destinations but couldn’t quite find anything we wanted.

He got an email a few weeks back asking if he needed accommodation for his business trip to an event they sponsor; he hadn’t planned to go but a free room sparked the idea of a cheeky trip away.

At this point we didn’t care what flights cost, 4 nights at the Fairmont in Monaco for free we could cover the flight. My friend who works for an airline offered us discount flights so within an hour we were booked on a weekend to Monaco for £90 return each.

Laying on the rooftop pool we had to pinch ourselves; we’ve not been together long, around 3 months at this point and we were already drinking prosecco before a flight and darting off to the south of France for a cheeky weekend.

We had an amazing time and the weather was perfect to get a tan and chill out.

Drinks at the Fairmont


It’s always been one of those places I’ve wanted to see for myself, I’m not quite sure why; I think it’s the glitz and glamor. I have to say though I was a little disappointed when we got there; you can see the beautiful city it once was hiding amongst the high-rise concrete buildings. A beautiful castle perched on the hill, a small church nestled in the rocks but surrounded by Gucci and Armani shops.

It’s still a beautiful city, the coastline and the amazing food and drink but I can’t help but feel I’m merely a spectator watching people take photos of supercars. Don’t get me wrong I love a nice car, and wouldn’t mind one myself, but the whole spectacle makes me want to be the guy driving a beat up old punto and parking next to the Ferrari!

I think one of my favourite parts of Monaco is that everything is so close; yes it’s like going to the gym in 40-degree heat when you walk out of the train station but you’re in the centre of town, right on the marina and a short walk from the beach.

There are plenty of restaurants with music blaring out but we found some of the cutest quaint restaurants hidden off the back streets. The beauty of google these days is you can find places you wouldn’t normally think to look, cheaper than the restaurants off the main square and better quality food and wine.

Penny For Your Thoughts

Overall I loved Monaco as a cheap weekend away, wonderful sunshine, beautiful streets and we felt safe despite flying into Nice after the attacks. I would say that if I’d had to pay full price for it I would feel a little ripped off. There are far more beautiful places in the world where you can watch the super yachts and the world go by where  you don’t feel like such a spectator in someone else’s luxury lifestyle. Even if you are…..

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