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    Welcome To The Burrow Build

    So, as many people know (I’ve pretty much told everybody I know) we’re building a house! While we took the decision not to tell Kevin McCloud, because let’s face it something always goes wrong…

    29th April 2019
  • Lifestyle The House Build

    Skinade Month 2

    It’s been over a month and a half since I first started taking Skinade. I didn’t want to continue posting every few days as I was feeling so great it was pretty much me…

    4th July 2017
  • Skinade Day 20
    Lifestyle The House Build

    Skinade Days 15-20!

    Skinade Days 15- 20 I can’t believe I’ve only been taking Skinade for 20 days! I feel like it’s a lifestyle change I made years ago and not something I’ve only been doing for…

    1st June 2017
  • Skinade in the sun
    The House Build

    Skinade Day 8-15

    Skinade 30-day trial Days 8-15 Ok so I’ve been taking Skinade for a while now and the most noticeable thing for me is my energy I feel like a new person who can continually…

    25th May 2017
  • The House Build Travel

    A Trip To Florence

    Florence, home masterpieces of Renaissance art and architecture Florence turned out to be one of those magical European cities – full of incredible architecture and not just the enormous cathedrals and religious buildings. Some of…

    23rd May 2017
  • Lifestyle The House Build

    Skinade days 3-8

    Skinade days 3-8 So days 3-8 have ended up as grouped blogs because I might have skipped off to Florence for a few days in the sun! I’ve put this down to ‘research’ as…

    19th May 2017