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  • The House Build

    March :(

    March started amazingly well, we’ve had the external render done, the plumber has completed everything for the first fix and we’re ready to start plastering the inside. There’s always something that goes wrong… At…

    2nd April 2020
  • The House Build

    February Update

    Wow, this month has felt like a complete whirlwind; I’m writing this in March so I’m trying to take things slowly without rushing into the whirlwind of life as it is now. January January…

    2nd April 2020
  • The House Build

    The Burrow Build Update

    Ok, so I haven’t written this in a very long time! It may be because it felt like nothing had been happening for quite a while but a few major changes did happen. It’s…

    16th January 2020
  • The House Build

    We have a fireplace and chimney!

    The build has come along enormously in the last few weeks; with the progress comes more bills but it’s not a problem because it’s so exciting to see it all moving forward! We couldn’t…

    12th December 2019
  • The House Build

    Autumns here

    It’s been a slow few weeks with the house build. With September ending and October beginning the weather quickly turned from warm and pleasant to cold, windy and very wet! Let’s get water tight…

    18th October 2019
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    Royalty to Reality

    This week HRH visited the house! Well, she didn’t she visited Geoffrey Parker but she was also interested in the house. It’s hard to miss to be honest, it’s currently bright blue where it’s…

    29th September 2019