The best Shampoo is Baby Shampoo

17th November 2017

I thought I’d share my new beauty secret; for a while, I’ve been trying to help my hair look shiny and healthy with little joy So I’ve recently started using baby shampoo.

As crazy as it sounds there’s method to my madness; for that reason, i wanted to share what I’ve learnt since I’ve ditched the expensive shampoo.

Why I started using baby shampoo

My incredible eyelash technician told me to gently wash my eyelashes with diluted baby shampoo to keep them clean and fluffy. I trotted off to boots to buy some; I chose dove as Johnson is known to have lots of chemicals. After washing my eyes every few days I realised I’d run out of my shampoo.

Recently I’d swapped over to organic shampoo’s, high-quality brands like Avada and Unite to ensure my colour stays strong without damaging the hair too much. After spending around £20 per bottle my hair started to improve, it didn’t feel quite so heavy and weighed down by silicone.

With all my ‘luxury’ shampoo gone I had one option, use the baby shampoo. What could go wrong? Baby shampoo is gentle on the scalp and cant be full of harsh chemicals; which makes it perfect for those looking to care for their hair.

The Result

Since I ran out of shampoo and had to use baby shampoo, I’ve not looked back. I’m still buying conditioner from companies like Moroccan oil but since swapping to baby shampoo I’ve noticed the health, shine and need to wash my hair daily has changed completely.

There appears to be less frizz, it feels less straw-like (even after bleaching) and it’s feeling remarkably healthy!

When I started looking into why people don’t use baby shampoo I realised it probably stems from the 80’s when women filled their hair with hairspray, backcombing and any other chemical they could think of. In 2017 the most that I put in my hair these days is a little hairspray when it’s curled. The need to strip the hair completely isn’t really required if there is any build up, I use an ‘adult’ shampoo for a single wash.

Baby shampoo £1.50
Luxury Shampoo £17-20

Left is after using it for a week, right is before; there’s a distinct change in the moisture and fluffy flyaways.

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