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18th October 2019

It’s been a slow few weeks with the house build. With September ending and October beginning the weather quickly turned from warm and pleasant to cold, windy and very wet!

Let’s get water tight

With the roof ready to be tiled we’re patiently waiting for the roofers. They have been delayed on a previous job from all the bad weather and so are late getting to us.

Along with waiting for the roofers we’re also waiting for the weather to turn. With so much rain forecast it’s hard to predict when they will turn up.

Let’s get Painting

Ok so I started this blog about a week to two weeks ago, it’s pretty much rained for two weeks straight! This has meant it’s been hard to get out and paint the soffits and facias but with a small break in the weather we managed to get out on the scaffolding and add a little of the grey colour to match the windows!

It’s amazing how enormous the roof looks now it’s been battoned with the waterproof membrane! Part of me wishes we’d done a loft balcony, the sunsets from up here are stunning, but once the sun dips, painting is harder!

Hungry Wildlife

I love the fact the deer are in the garden, it’s so special and I’m so glad that the building work hasn’t scared them off too much. But, I have a bone to pick!

I got back the other night and while tending to my garden I heard this weird grunting, turns out a stag is in the field next to the house calling for some hanky panky…. hasn’t he ever heard of tinder??

The following morning I noticed my parsley has all gone, now I had been out and picked some for dinner but they were quite literally all gone, as had the basil!

I started to suspect the local wildlife so had a look at my grape vine, it had lost its leaves but they hadn’t fallen, they had vanished and the olive trees seemed to have been pruned as well!

Not only that, I’d been growing some Lilly’s for mummy…. and well, just look what they did to those, they didn’t even have the decency to eat the whole thing!

Not sure mummy’s going to want them now…

So, until the weather settles down and the roofer turns up, it’s gardening and painting for us!

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