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8th April 2020
Well, this isn’t the April we expected; COVID-19 is still destroying the world but we’re safely locked inside. Yesterday we managed to get a Tesco delivery of the essential items… Well, the world may be going crazy but we still have our priorities right.
Whether you’re reading this blog during the virus pandemic, or way after it, or if I’m reflecting on the build in a few years time reading through like some public diary here’s the current statistics. On Tuesday we will have been on lockdown for 3 weeks, nobody is to leave their homes for anything other than exercise once a day, food, medicine or work if you are an essential worker or cannot work from home.

Statistics to Date

On the 8th of April, it’s now been reported that 6159 people in the UK have died from this virus in the last few weeks, and in total to date, there are 83,418 deaths worldwide. But that doesn’t include all of those deaths which weren’t confirmed as coronavirus caused. So unless you were seen by a doctor and had the test it will go down as a normal death meaning the total may be way higher than that.
Work is pretty much closed, orders have slowed and on Saturday after spending a day gardening at the house and doing bits around it. I managed to fall down a hole, twist my ankle and jar my back! So I’m currently chilling on the sofa unable to move much!

The House

The house is coming along quite nicely, although Elliot is becoming very frustrated with not being able to go inside and not seeing any progress. We managed to complete painting the bedroom white with the primer paint at the weekend (before my fall); so now I’m just waiting on sample paints to arrive to start picking the colours.

Elliot would like to get the bathroom tiled and ready for when the plumbers are back but unfortunately, things like the shower trey require the plumbers to fit them before the tiler can do his thing. So at the moment, it’s a chicken and egg situation.

I see it as quite a positive; our plasterers are still in the house getting on with everything, working hard and plastering all of the rooms which means on Saturday when we go in, suspect most of it will be done. Within a couple of weeks, we’ll be painting all the downstairs walls and getting everything ready to start designing our home.

Once the plastering has been done the plumbers will add the underfloor heating and then the plasterers will apply the screed to the floor. Once this is done and the plumbers hook up the boiler, we’re pretty much on the home stretch.

It won’t be long now, it’s just the virus holding up some elements. However, nothing could really be done while the plasterers are doing all the walls so I guess not much has been held up… yet!

All in all, we’re safe, healthy and at mum and dads. We’re just being petulant children wishing it was completed already so we could spend this time off pottering around the house enjoying it and doing DIY.

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