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Another eventful week…

22nd September 2019

There’s never a dull moment around here. And on the bright side we always look back and laugh, that’s the main thing right?

So, after the week away at salon Prive we thought things might calm down a little before the royal visit; oh how wrong we were!

Preparation for HRH

This week we’ve been cleaning and tidying everything to prepare for the royal visit; HRH Princess Anne is due to arrive this week and we essentially had to make the building site for the new workshop look like a finished building…

At first I thought this was mission impossible but I have to say, it looks very good! The buildings look finished from the outside; obviously we know there’s still work to be done like painting and doing all the electrics etc but it looks completed for those looking at it from the car park which is what HRH will do.

The Burrow

The house is starting to look good too, all the gable ends are up and it’s just down to us to get the soffets and fascias painted before they go up on tuesday. Once up, they can begin tiling the roof!

It’s good exercise getting the insulation in!

A Busy Friday…

With all the work we have been doing lately I was exhausted, so I decided to take the afternoon off and go on a bike ride with Gabbie. There’s an old airfield by the house witch is at the end of the runway at Stansted so we decided to cycle that and have a picnic. Dad was due to land from Dubai on an emeritus flight early in the afternoon so we sat down to wait and watch his flight land! Sure enough we spotted him!

The wind was in the wrong direction though, so his flight was higher than normal as it was circling rather than landing.

After the 5 mile bike ride I headed back to the office to finish up some work before the weekend. Elliot always says to me if you run out of work there’s a problem but I do struggle to ignore it for a few hours of me time!

Anyway, Elliot’s dad lit the fire which he has every few weeks. This week it was particularly full, and very windy out. I can’t honestly remember the last time we had rain either, but it was lit anyway and burning away without too much trouble. Occasionally it would catch the weeds alight near by and I’d dash out from my office to put them out with an extinguisher.

As the fire began to die down I was merrily working and Elliot knocked on my window. He just said ‘mill, fire’ and pointed. Nothing seemed panicked or worried about him but it struck me the fire I had been watching was not in the direction he was pointing…

I stood up from my desk and sure enough there was a raging fire in the woods and on the log pile a little to the right of the fire! It was already totally out of control! I rang 999, then grabbed the hose and fire extinguishers from the office and before you know it the workshop and everybody were there trying to stop the fire spreading. An ember from the fire must have drifted to the dry log pile, before we knew it there was a huge blaze!

Elliot’s always quite calm… you’d never think there was a fire emergency from the workshop CCTV!

The fire that started the fire…

Elliot was in the bathroom filling up buckets and handing them out the window, Grace was in the kitchen while I shuttle ran them to the fire. The boys were round the back trying to stop it spreading. Before we knew it we had used all the fire extinguishers and the fire brigade still hadn’t arrived. I remembered we’d replaced a load of extinguishers a few months ago due to the old ones being out of date, the old ones had been dumped in the field, ironically close to the original bonfire under some pallets. I grabbed those and out of the 7 only one didn’t work.

Oh and there were gas canisters near the fire too…

After about 20 mins with no sign of the fire service and the fire still burning like crazy I jumped in the car and drove down to the village. Our post code often sends people further up the road to some industrial units so I thought I’d help with directions.

When I got to the end of the village there was still no sign of them so I parked up and waited, a few moments later they came flying past so I followed them though Wimbish towards the house. Lou (our workshop manager) was on the gate ready to get it open so I rang her as they approached so she was ready, waving the driver on as he slowed to find it.

Once through the gate we guided them over to the fire around the back of the offices (which I may add are timber clad)!

It took 2 hours and the fire engine to re-fill before the fire was out. As you’d expect from the millennials we videoed lots of it on our phones!

While we left to head to mum and dads at about 7:30, apparently the fire kept re-lighting itself until midnight.

Yesterday I was painting the soffits for the house and spotted smoke as it re-lit again a full 24 hours after the first fire! Again we started the bucket shuttle runs between us!

On the bright side, as I write this, Elliot’s come back from the garage with the farm shop sausages, fresh rolls and a scratch card for me! We won £10…you win some you loose some 😂 all things considered we were quite lucky this week!

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