The House Build

A Stressful Few Weeks

20th August 2019

Now, I feel like I need to put a caveat on this blog before I even start writing it; we’re lucky, actually we’re beyond lucky. The location in which we’re getting to build… I mean building… is ideal, it’s away from the road and it’s quiet. It’s peaceful and it’s the perfect plot, in the sun all day; we really couldn’t have asked for anywhere nicer to build.

But this month has been a little testing when it’s come to the house…

So in my last post, the downstairs walls were going up; horah we’re finally feeling like the house is going up… only for it all to stop. Unfortunately, we waited from the 24th of June when we paid for the web joists; this is the ceiling of downstairs and the floor of upstairs; until, last week (16th of August) for them to be fitted. This doesn’t seem like a long time but when everything is set to a time frame, (like the roof) every day that they aren’t installed feels like a lifetime.

The reason for the delay was our timber frame supplier had a customer go bust on him; essentially putting his business and our frame in jeopardy. So over the last two and three weeks, Elliot and I started to realise how precarious our build is on the companies building it. With a few sleepless nights trying to work out what we would do if the guys went under we hatched a plan; this involved us putting some of it up ourselves. Thankfully, last Wednesday the guy making the frame came to the site to let us know he’s sorted things out; fortunately, he’s got a plan to recover from his losses.

Monday is a New Week

This week has, therefore, started much more positively, the timber frame joiners are back on site, the web joists have been fitted and they are ready to glue and screw our upstairs flooring down. This required a dry day so we’ve been eagerly watching the weather hoping and praying it’s dry enough to fit.

The flooring went down without a problem; the guys worked from about 7:30 am until 4 pm to get it done in just 1 day.

Tuesday, a Small Hitch

Today, most excitingly the second-floor walls went up but as I’ve said before, just like on grand designs, nothing goes to plan! Halfway through the builders start having some banter with the timber frame guys; they joked that they are missing a few panels, but it turns out they were.

To be precise they were missing the whole of the back of the building, a whole 7 panels hadn’t been built. Somehow someone had totally forgotten the back of the house! Although they don’t take long to make; it will mean work on-site will have to stop while they head back to the factory for a day or two to build them…

It’s super exciting to see how tall it’s getting, and it’s really exciting to see it start to take shape. Over the weekend Elliot and I spent our time weeding the bank created when the driveway was dug. I also planted some vegetables ready for Christmas.

They may not grow but I thought it was worth giving a go while the soil is there and in the sun.


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