• The House Build

    Welcome To The Burrow Build

    So, as many people know (I’ve pretty much told everybody I know) we’re building a house! While we took the decision not to tell Kevin McCloud, because let’s face it something always goes wrong…

    29th April 2019
  • Travel

    A Weekend In Amsterdam

    I have always wanted to see Amsterdam; this mystical city everybody loves for its quirky nature and equally quirky buildings. While we laid in bed on holiday in Langkawi discussing the house build and…

    28th February 2019
  • Rad Sun Cream
    Lifestyle The House

    Sun Cream, The Perfect Primer?

    There’s a familiar smell that sun cream has when you open the lid memories of holidays come flooding back. Since my last holiday, I haven’t actually stopped wearing sun cream on my face; before…

    7th March 2018
  • Lifestyle

    To Lash, Or Not To Lash

    Over the last 8 months or so I’ve been utterly obsessed with eyelash extensions. Since having them my daily routine has been cut in half; I’ve also always been lazy when it comes to…

    27th February 2018
  • Lifestyle The House Build

    Unite Hair Oil

      I’ve just spent 17 days in 30 degree’s treating my hair to some real punishment; sea water, chlorine, sunshine and a good bleach before my travels. Since returning home I’ve noticed my hair…

    11th January 2018
  • Lifestyle

    The best Shampoo is Baby Shampoo

    I thought I’d share my new beauty secret; for a while, I’ve been trying to help my hair look shiny and healthy with little joy So I’ve recently started using baby shampoo. As crazy…

    17th November 2017